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Everyone deserves to be seen as who they are, such as disabled people who want their sexuality to be recognized. Because our society places so much stake in, particularly women’s, sexual desirability that values whiteness, thinness, and able bodied appearance, widespread desexualization of visibly disabled people goes hand-in-hand with the dehumanization of disabled people. This desexualization is directly related to the higher levels of sexual assault and abuse that disabled people experience.

The system was not designed for us to be successful in the first place. It was designed to marginalize Black and Brown bodies. The oppressors who created the system are never going to give up their power. Even when there are laws that are supposed to protect us from discrimination by public services such as the police, trans women are profiled and targeted in LGBT ‘safe havens’ such as Greenwich Village and Hell’s Kitchen. Things that are considered items of safety, like condoms, are used to accuse trans women of being sex workers. Until we dismantle this broken system, I don’t see any real change happening.

Lourdes Ashley Hunter (Trans Women of Color Collective) | A Year Later, Still No Justice for Islan Nettles (via gaywrites)

Anonymous asked
I think what that question means is like... Idk I don't think ppl think ppl with disabilities are Risky I think the thing is that they're asking themselves could they take care of said disabled person if it came to that. Like esp if ur physically disabled u may have serious health issues and I don't think u should date someone that has the possibility to be very unwell if ur just gonna dump them when they get unwell


Wooooow. Here is Ableism 101, right here, in response to this

I don’t know that this even deserves a response, but here goes.

Many disabled people do not require any “special” care from partners. Many abled people do require “special” care from partners. Most good relationships, romantic or otherwise, are built on some degree of interdependence, wherein each person provides the other with love, care, and assistance in a generally egalitarian way.

Disabled people often overcompensate for the things we “can’t” do, yet our contributions are undervalued

For disabled people who need significant daily care, we would generally prefer that that not come from one person/partner, for the same reason that it’s dangerous for anyone to be completely reliant on one person: it’s setting us up for abuse. Sometimes we don’t have a choice. But we are working toward independent living and making sure that everyone has the resources they need to live independently, regardless of whether they have a romantic partner, sibling, parent, friend, etc. to care for them.

But if that’s what you’re afraid of, I’ve got news for you: anyone can become disabled at any time. Anyone can get very ill. Dating the healthiest, most abled person you see is no guarantee of anything.

It’s a serious fucking problem that you hear “disability” and think "burden," in a post about how that conflation is wrong.

Disabled people are not burdens. We are not burdens to society, we are not burdens to our friends, we are not burdens to our families, we are not burdens to our partners.

With that said, you, Anonymous, don’t have to want to date us. I’d really rather you didn’t.

He’s black, male and autistic," she says. "[I] never know if he’ll be accosted. You ask questions later and you shoot first. It’s happened too many times all over this nation.

Lorraine Spencer, about her son Jermaine, “For Parents Of Young Black Men With Autism, Extra Fear About Police” (via disabilityhistory)

VIDEO: GAYmous Gives Me Seriously Not-Pretend Feelings


VIDEO: GAYmous Gives Me Seriously Not-Pretend Feelings

Self-identified electro slut-step synth band GAYmous is the best and jazziest band to ever come from a game of truth or dare. From their Facebook fan page:

Motivated by a dare and a mutual belief in the power of the synthesizer, GAYmous started emotionally scissoring with audiences in 2012 and now fans never want it to stop. Bay Area Slut Step artists, Pizza Cupcake and FXBoi, heat up the stage…

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