Radical, queer, white, trans inclusive feminist, anti racist, anti Capitalist, body positive, Appalachian, disabled Multiple Sclerosis havin’ battlebot, poet and writer of a million words that no one will ever read. Undecided gender identity with no preferred pronouns. Likes comics, thick
thighs, music, art, short walks on imaginary beaches, reading, critical
analysis of popular culture, food, science fiction, zombies, sharks, dinosaurs, puppies, kittens, casual attempts at art, nachos, stuff and things. I know my oppression and my privilege.



just call me dollywood cause my life is a rollercoaster that isn’t that exciting i guess

Simply walking around my neighborhood is enraging. There’re no curb cuts at most corners. One of my neighbors has to use the busy street to get around in his power chair, which is incredibly dangerous—especially at night, especially for an elderly black man in a city where drivers show marked racial bias at crosswalks. Each new house I see is multilevel with stairs leading up to the entrance. Disableism is so entrenched in this city and I don’t have the financial resources needed to mitigate it.

Sometimes, it feels like no one notices how hard I’m working.